One-on-one guidance to powerfully deal with the challenges in your life. Simple Heart Health’s Coaching Programs are custom designed for each client and consider several factors to ensure success.

NUTRITION: We are all unique and our bodies have different responses. A nutrition strategy that works for one person may not work for another. Together we explore different dietary theories and discover what nutrition your body needs.
LIFESTYLE: We look at lifestyle components that impact your health such as career, relationships, physical activity and spirituality. Health is critically dependent on these factors.
MOTIVATION: What is important to you? What motivates you? Understanding how you operate to internal and external factors will help us develop the plan you stick to.
BELIEFS: We are our own worst enemy. How are you getting in your own way? What thought patterns are causing you to limit what you can do? We will investigate and eliminate by creating new beliefs.
EMPOWERMENT: Believe again that anything is possible! The amount you can accomplish in this six-month program is incredible. We will develop the infrastructure to succeed to limit what you can do? We will investigate and eliminate by creating new beliefs.
ACCOUNTABILITY: We will be by your side every step of the way to erase any doubt and keep you pushing forward. In this program, you will also develop a stronger ability to keep yourself accountable.

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Personal Yoga Instruction & Energy Management

Yoga instruction and guided meditation tailored to rebalance your unique energy needs.

WE ARE ENERGY. When we feel out of balance, stressed, anxious or depressed we can use gentle movement to direct these feelings and pacify with an opposite energy. Yoga and meditation are beautiful practices to do just this.
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Yoga & Meditation Classes

Join us for a high quality 75 minute or 45 minute energetically focused yoga class.

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Yoga in the Community

Yoga and Meditation For Schools & Corporations

Yoga is becoming more popular as its benefits are realized and supported by evidence. By introducing some simple classes your students or employees will experience improved concentration, memory and academic performance as well as a reduction in stress. Our yoga classes incorporate gentle movement, breathing exercises and meditation in a forum where all levels are supported. Energetically focused yoga sequences help balance our body, mind and spirit. Three options are made available so that participants can select the practice that will help them the most. Each class ends with a short meditation.



simple heart health teen empowerment

Helping our teens reduce stress, anxiety and depression through education, support, connection, self-care and purpose.

Half-day, after-school, evening and one-on-one programs are now available! Currently accepting middle & high school aged students. Space is limited. Scholarships are now available!

Feelings of depression and anxiety were reduced by 60% and stress was reduced by 76% IN JUST ONE WEEK!*

Group Topics Include:

Wellness, nutrition and self-care education: Our nutrition and self-care are critical to our behavior, mental fortitude and physical well-being. In our program, we’ll help establish healthy routines that encourage replenishment, rest & recovery.

Stress and time management techniques: Our teens are under so much pressure academically and socially. We will work to identify triggers and learn practical tools that will reframe how we approach our problems.

Self-reflection exercises and goal setting: Sometimes it is hard to see situations and ourselves clearly. We’ll give our teens tools and space to reflect, consider other perspectives and set self-improvement goals.

Positive psychology routines: We are what we think and that fact can be frightening when we are regularly so hard on ourselves. We’ll incorporate positive affirmations and loving self-talk to boost your teen’s confidence.

Physical activity and games: When, exactly, do we consider ourselves too old for play? Each day we make time for gentle movement and team activities to remind ourselves how important play will always be for our mind, body and soul.

Group activities and support: We can have 10,000 followers on social media and still feel alone and isolated. In our program, we will form genuine connections providing hope, validation and support.

Safe and loving environment to be their beautiful selves: It takes courage to be vulnerable. We are committed to holding a safe space of love and non-judgment so your teen feels comfortable being their authentic self.

*Percent decrease in feelings of depression, anxiety and stress are determined by participants rating their intensity of feeling before and after attending one week.



High-risk behavior prevention strategies and holistic wellness education

Our health & wellness education series is designed to expose students to all dimensions of wellness. Along with a holistic education, students are provided an infrastructure to take action and implement life strategies that improve their well-being. Group topics include: wellness, nutrition & self-care education; mindfulness; stress & time management techniques; self-reflection exercises and goal setting; positive psychology routines; physical activity and games; and group activities and support.

A more intimate version of the health and wellness workshop series for students at risk. The small group series focuses directly on strategies our teens can implement to manage stress, anxiety and depression and prevent the adoption of high-risk behaviors. Group meets for weekly sessions, sets goals and has access to a private and facilitated online support group. Outcomes are measured by surveys conducted before the first session and at the completion of each quarter.
Facilitated workshops led by health and wellness expert. Students will explore topics that encourage physical, mental and social well-being and set goals to implement healthy lifestyle changes. Access to private and facilitated online support group.


Do You Want to Save On Your Company’s Healthcare Costs and Find a Way to Engage Your Employees as a Community to Improve Health, Morale & Performance?

Drop your medical costs, decrease absenteeism, increase productivity, and attract and retain your best workers!

Utilizing brilliant risk and reward incentives, Simple Heart Health’s Corporate Coaching Program actively engages employees in preventative health care and offers strategies to produce immediate and long-term savings for the employer.

We create a custom and unique experience to improve employee wellness, morale, and performance while boosting engagement in existing wellness programs and driving down health care costs.

  • Takes employees on a health, wellness & lifestyle journey to make their health and happiness a priority.
  • Provides education, customized health plans, and space for personal reflection as well as expert guidance and support.
  • Designs individual, small, and large group events to promote a sense of community and encourage creativity.
  • Includes strategies to produce both short and long term savings on the money spent on healthcare both for the employer and employee.

In 2010, we as a nation spent nearly $2.6 trillion on health care and it is predicted that by 2020 we will reach $4.6 trillion (CMMS). Over the last decade, employer-sponsored health care costs have increased by 131%. Recent studies indicate that approximately 50% of corporate profits now go towards health care costs versus only 7% three decades ago. A 2009 study conducted by Dr. Ron Loeppke found that lost productivity costs due to presenteeism and absenteeism are 2.3 times higher than direct health costs.

According to Dr. Steven Hotze, the annual cost of lost productivity to employee fatigue is $136 billion. Dr. Hotze on presenteeism:

“Presenteeism, an employee who works at a lower productivity rate due to health reasons, results in an annual cost of $6,721 per employee. A common misconception among employers is that employees who are absent due to illness are a bigger threat when in fact presenteeism is 10 times as costly. Several studies have shown that the top contributors to presenteeism health conditions are anxiety, depression, migraines, diabetes, arthritis, and back and neck pain.”

Employers are actively seeking new ways to reduce health care costs without jeopardizing their ability to attract and retain workers. These factors have prompted many organizations to actively promote health and wellness at the work site. According to a survey released by Buch Consultants in 2011, 74% of responding employers in North America said they now offer wellness programs, providing incentives to encourage healthier lifestyles among employees. As an example, Johnson & Johnson reported that it spends $4.5 million each year on its comprehensive preventive-healthcare programs, but it estimates that without these programs its medical bills would be at least $13 million higher.

By providing education to employees specifically on how to improve eating habits, reduce stress, and increase healthy lifestyle activities like exercise, your organization will experience the following benefits:

  • Reduction in chronic disease – Up to 80%!
  • Decreased healthcare costs – One example sites a 2% reduction in the first year alone!
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased employee morale
  • Enhanced workplace culture
  • Attract more talented employees and experience less turnover
A study at NASA found that while the productivity of non-exercising employees decreased 50% during the final two hours of the workday; those who had an exercise plan in place worked at full efficiency all day. This represents a 12.5% higher overall productivity level in exercisers as compared to non-exercisers.

Studies at Dupont and General Mills, which implemented comprehensive wellness education and programming, found 14% to 19% reductions in absenteeism. General Electric reported an astounding 45% decrease in absenteeism.

In a study from the Milbank Quarterly, one company that sponsored a corporate wellness program for 324 of its employees saved over $1 million and saw their participants’ medical costs drop 40% over a three-year period.


Let our certified Health Coaches create a program perfect for your company and reduce your healthcare costs too!


Love Changes Everything

Lose weight, reduce stress, love life… it can be simple.