Speaking Assertively Without Being Aggressive

Speaking-Assertively-Without-Being-Aggressive-Simple-Heart-HealthWhen it comes to communication, sometimes being assertive in what you’re asking or wanting can benefit both parties more than being vague or understated. Being assertive in your communication doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you’re being aggressive, two words that often get mixed up or confused with one another.

So how can you be assertive without being aggressive? Take a look at some of these tips on how to get your point across without being rude:

Make Clear Requests

When asking for something in a personal or professional setting, it’s important to be very clear on what you’d like to happen as your end goal. Vagueness can cause confusion and waste time, an unfortunate circumstance for both parties.

Use Assertive Phrasing

In order to make your requests clear and pronounced, you’ll need to use a certain style of phrasing that’s direct without being rude. “Thanks, but…” statements show that you’re appreciative of a suggestion, but ultimately you’d like to go a different route. Also, starting statements with “I” clearly displays your specific intentions rather than being roundabout.

Say Exactly What You Mean

Giving the general feeling of what you’re trying to get across is not the same as saying exactly what it is you want to say. If you’re direct and intentional, people will understand more not only what you would like but also where you’re coming from. Try saying as close to what you’re thinking as possible, without being rude.

Don’t Forget To Listen

Before you can even begin to think of how you might respond to someone, you need to make sure that you’re really listening to what they’re saying. Understanding someone else’s point of view can better prepare you to respond in a rational, sensible way that creates mutual trust and respect.

Speaking assertively saves time, minimizing confusion, and shows confidence. Take time to form sentences that show your intent and direction, without belittling or being passive-aggressive.

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