The Benefits of Starting Yoga

The-Benefits-of-Starting-Yoga-Simple-Heart-HealthPracticing yoga comes with a list of benefits that you may – or may not – be familiar with. Both mental and physical attributes receive a positive impact as you start, and continue, your practice. From flexibility to mindfulness, adding yoga to your existing routine can you help continue on your fitness journey and even help you become more grateful and relaxed.

Here are a few of the benefits of starting yoga:


One of the core physical reasons that people practice yoga is an improvement in flexibility. Poses work muscles in ways they haven’t been worked before, and allow you to loosen tight muscles and aid in recovery. Weightlifters and athletes turn to yoga to ensure that they’re not doing damage to their bodies through strenuous exercise.

Anxiety Relief

It’s surprising what taking two hours out of your week to essentially meditate and focus on your goals and your body can do for your anxiety. Yoga is meant to be a break in your day and your normal routine where you leave your worries at the door to stretch and practice in peace.

Increased Strength

Through poses that may not seem to exert much energy, you’re actually doing a strategic job of increasing your strength and endurance. When paired with a healthy diet, this increase in strength can also come with a decrease in body fat, as poses and movements get more difficult and you challenge yourself to go further.

Creates Community

When you join a yoga class, you’re joining a specific group of people who all have their health and wellness in mind. It’s an easy start for making new friends and meeting people from all different backgrounds, meaning you’re likely to become part of a group that can motivate and inspire you.

If you’re looking to start or continue your yoga practice, contact us at Simple Heart Health. We’ll make it easy to get your practice started and help you feel both strong and relaxed through the power of yoga.

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