The Effects of Chronic Stress

The idea of stress has such a negative connotation, leading us to believe that any amount of stress should be removed from our lives as quickly as possible. Stress in small, reasonable doses, however, is actually quite healthy, and it’s what keeps us adapting to new environments.

Without the small stresses that come through living life, we would remain complacent and unmotivated, wholly unmoved to change anything at all about our situations.
When does stress become an issue?

Elongated, or chronic, stress can result in a number of health issues that generally compound on one another, leading to an overall lower quality of life. This stress can be brought on by things like overloading on work projects, moving to another home or city, and marital issues.

The-Effects-of-Chronic-Stress-Simple-Heart-HealthSome symptoms you may see associated with chronic stress include:

  • Panic attacks
  • Mental health problems like depression and anxiety
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Obesity and eating problems
  • Issues with skin (acne, eczema, etc.) and hair
  • Menstrual problems
  • Gastrointestinal problems like gastritis and ulcerative colitis

These issues become stressors of their own, leading to compounded stress that can hinder your happiness even further.

So What Can You Do?

The most important thing about chronic stress is to manage it and, ideally, keep it under control. Common ways to reduce stress are to practice breathing exercises, add a workout (like yoga) into your routine, or consult a therapist. Do things that you enjoy and take time to relax when possible, finding ways to keep your mind off the issue at hand.

Let Us Help

At Simple Heart Health, we work with our members to ensure that they’re living their best lives, whether that’s in the studio or out. We offer individual coaching to help you work through any issue that arises in your life. We also offer yoga to help you de-stress after a long day.

Schedule a free trial and consultation with us today to see how Simple Heart Health can better your life.

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